Dosing recommendations for Havoc/P-Plex stack

  1. Dosing recommendations for Havoc/P-Plex stack

    I'm trying to figure out if it would be best to take the two compounds at the same time, or bridge them.

    Any recommendations?

    Also, if you've done any stacks with Havoc with good results, please post your dosing schedule if you don't mind.


  2. first off...

    lifting experience?
    cycle experience?

  3. 22yrs old
    185lbs @ 5'10'' - Fairly lean physique
    6 years lifting experience

    Cycle experience:
    1AD, Superdrol, M-Drol

    In my past cycles I've had pretty good success. Usually put on quality lean mass.

    Planning to PCT with nolvadex @ 20/20/20/20

    Although my Superdrol cycle I did 40/40/20/20 and came out of the PCT feeling great, so I might do one week at 40 ED.

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