Is my 1-T still good?

  1. Is my 1-T still good?

    I bought this 1-T transdermal from LG 9 months ago, have not used it, but stored it at room temperature. Is it still good?

  2. Um, LG wasn't selling 1-test 9 months ago because it was banned several years ago.

    Someone who isn't me used two bottles of old pre-ban 1-test transdermal a couple months ago and it was still very potent.

  3. The compound itself is good for a long long time.
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  4. I bought this 9 months ago, from Legal Gear, for some reason I can't post links because I'm not allowed to. Anyway, all I need to know if it holds its potency still, and can I still use it? Thanks!

    ah, there we go

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