Black China Labs Super Halo VS CEL H-drol

  1. Black China Labs Super Halo VS CEL H-drol

    whats the difference of Black China Lab's H-Drol and CEL's H-Drol. i want to use CEL because i hear good things but i cant. will i get the same results with black china labs?

  2. y cant u use it? i would go with CEL because they quality test before capping. at 160lbs also..i would try and gain some more weight naturally because messing with steroids, it will prove better for your cycle and i think u will get more out of it.

  3. technically speaking they are the same but most people prefer CEL' seems to be of better quality.i agree with the above post at your height try to gain more naturally.10lbs on ur frame will make a huge difference try to eat more and take in alot of BCAA's and protein.

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