Tren xtreme/epi dosage questions

  1. Tren xtreme/epi dosage questions

    So ive got my whole tren/epi cycle and clomid/restore PCT set up-I plan on starting my cycle later 2day when i wake up. Im going to start with 2 caps of each per day which would be 20 mg epi and 60 tren and then prolly bumping it up later depend on gains im making.
    So, i know what dosages im going to take i just dont know the best times to take them.
    It says on the labels to take at regular intervals and divided doses. Is there any reason why i can't take the full days dosage at once?
    I ask this because i work out shortly after i get up(since i work overnite shift), so if im taking them in divided doses, ill only have one cap of each in my system by the time i hit the gym.
    Do they have a life of 24 hours or something?
    And if that is the case, is it ok to take the full dosage when i wake up at least for 2day since i didnt load any in prior.
    Thanks alot for your help. I hope you see whats confusin me and can clear it up. I appreciate it.

  2. they both have a half life of about 6-10 hours. so you have to take them every 6-10 hours. this is the most anabolic way to take any steroid and you'll get the best gains this way. trust me
    i've tried both ways.

  3. Does it matter that i hit the gym shortly after i wake up? If im splitting doses, then ill only have one cap in my system when i workout. Will i make the same gains as i would working out later in the day after my second dose?

  4. any thoughts?

  5. it doesn't matter bro
    you should do more research on how steroids work

    you take them before their halflife is over at an effective dose and if you keep doing this, eventually, once peak levels are reached in the blood, you'll start to make gains from them. but this won't happen for at least a week.

    with tren, it took 2 weeks to kick in
    epi did not kick in until week 4

  6. Ive done alot of research, just couldnt find out if timing of doses affects gains.
    Hoping it kicks in before the two week mark and that its worth my time. Im an impatient guy, but im trying to work on that virtue.
    Thanks for the advice man.

  7. this is how im planning on running my tren/methyl E cycle (epi)

    Epi 20/30/30/30/40 5th week if im feelin alright
    Trenadrol 60/60/90/90

  8. trenadrol comes in 3 mg pills so im thinkin you mean 6/6/9/9
    Similar stack to mine-let me know how it goes.
    Even though its only my 4th day on, im going to bump up to 3 caps of each. Was going to wait till the second week, but like i said im a little impatient and want it to come on strong.

  9. haha naw bro they come in 30's its a misprint by the company!

  10. did you ever use tren extreme?


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