How long between a natural test booster and a prohormone?

  1. How long between a natural test booster and a prohormone?

    I am currently taking t bomb II and arimatest, (i got them for free) i received half a bottle of the t bomb and one box of arimatest. I take one serving of t bomb in the morning and one serving of arimatest before bed. Its a month supply and I have about 1 1/2 weeks left. I am looking to do a cycle of either h-drol or a pulse of superdrol. I have not been able to find a post on how long someone should wait between natural boosters and prohormone. I would really appreciate some advice or a link to a good thread.

  2. Assuming hepatoxicity of your test boosters is minimal (I haven't checked), no waiting period would be necessary.

  3. Why are you taking two different test boosters?
    Are you getting anything out of them?

  4. My buddy who works at gnc offered them to me so I was like hell, couldnt hurt. But i actually have seen some gaims, im up about 4 lbs in 3 weeks. So a waiting period wouldnt be necessary?

  5. im curious about this too, i just finished a bottle of massfx/hyperdrol today, should i wait ?



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