Precontest Cycle

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    Precontest Cycle

    Hey guys, I had a buddy that sent me a cycle for feedback and it was like 23 weeks long with a little PCT in the middle and just terribly designed. So I kinda re-did it to the best of my knowledge, although I am not a competitor this is what i came up with:

    Cycle Base
    Week 1-16: Test Prop @ 500 mg/wk
    Week 1-16: EQ @ 600 mg/wk
    Week 1-16: Tren Ace @ 300 mg/wk
    Week 1-16: Arimidex @ 0.5 mg/day
    Week 1-16: Anavar @ 60 mg/day (Optional)
    Pre-Contest Cutters
    Week 2-7: Clen @ 100 mcg (2 days on 2 days off)
    Week 2-7: Masteron @ 120 mg eod
    Week 10-16: Clen @ 100 mcg (2 days on 2 days off)
    Week 10-16: Masteron @ 120 mg eod

    He is competing at provincials and nationals, so he is pretty serious. Week 7 is Provincials and then week 16 is nationals. Long cycle, but he needs to be on the gear for both competitions. This is done with all the stuff he had in his previous cycle, just rearranged into a better design. Feedback please. Thanks everyone

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    how about you remove var altgether. and replace it with halo for a few weeks leading up to the competition.
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