oxavar clones or something similar!

  1. Thumbs up oxavar clones or something similar!

    hello! I just want to know if there is something similar to oxavar by Gaspari or orastan E. I was using Furaguno about 132mg per day and it's doesn't work for me. I would like to use something similar to oxavar or orastan E. My current weight is 230 height is 6'0. I am to big without definition. I have used anavar in the pass and it's great! really great! but too expensive.

  2. similar to orastan e? um..juggernaut winztrol

  3. Yes! something similar to Orastan E or Oxanavar this last is very similar to anavar.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by josecruz View Post
    Yes! something similar to Orastan E or Oxanavar this last is very similar to anavar.
    dude, you might want to score some furzadrol by axis labs, it was gaspari's internation release called orastan A which was claimed to be way better than orastan E, it's at nutra planet for a sick sick price, they've done a limited re-run of it so grab it while you can

  5. ^^^isnt that the same thing as furaguno?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    ^^^isnt that the same thing as furaguno?
    true, i didn't read the original post properly, my apologies

    any Orastan E clone seems to be quite a hard find these days as most of them are long discountinued and it seems that it needed to be mega-dosed to get any real results from

    please correct me if i'm wrong here

  7. i have been taking oxavar i bought from the .co.uk site for a month now - i seemed to get leaner rather than bigger (although i suppose it made me look bigger) i am a bit confused as to if my wife can take it .the company doesnt recc women to take yet if its ment to be similar to the steriod anavar (which my research shows) and this is safe for women also how come? is she really going to have `problems` if she takes it? or is the comapny just saying `men only` so it sounds more hardcore? just that i bought a bulk lot and rather use it on her than splash out for an alternative !


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