Test E or Sustanon

  1. Test E or Sustanon

    This is my current dilemma...My pet plans on doing a 10 week cycle of test and 4 weeks of dbol...

    He's used test e before (not recently) and He's used prop...never used sustanon so he was looking forward to using it...however i've read mixed reviews about sustanon being good for bodybuilding...

    so I was wondering what the experts think...The main argument seems to be that sustanon fluctuates your hormones levels too much and you get more ester and less test...with test e you have more test and your hormone levels are more stable...if someone could explain that too me in detail that would help...I understand the different ester in the sustanon blend...but esentially isn't it going to charge the same amount of hormone fluctuation as test e would? in other words, no matter what test you use there will be overlaps in the injections period in teams of the half-life of the drug. right?

    thanks for any help...

    also I'm wondering what's better...as in which is the least faked...(this is a purely hypothetical question. I don't plan on using or obtaining any.)

    Schering Test e
    Organon Sustamon (karachi) or
    Omnadren 250

  2. Omnadren(same as sust just less faked) just inject twice a week. dont worry about the hormone flucuations. remember in the omna or sust you get the prop and phenylprop so that is less ester there. but more ester in the deconate part.

    you probably wont feel a difference between running test e or a blend test like omna. the blends do kick in faster though. just get anything you know is not faked and you will be good...... purely hypothetically speaking of course.

  3. any idea what is faked the least between :

    Schering Test E and

    Irani Aburaihan Test E

  4. irani but if you trust your source you will not havea problem. just research about them.

  5. Sustanon is faked quite often because it is an expensive product, and because lots of guys ask for it....

    I dont think sus is the most efficient as far as bodybuilding goes, but it certainly works. I always like to use a lone ester, but I must admit, I have always been fond of the Karachi sus.




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