are all organon deca and sustanon serial numbers in each box the same? my friend (200 lb's,5'11,bodybuilding on and off for over 10 years,1 sus,dec and dianabol cycle under his belt,but f*cked it midway due to a death in the family)has dec and sus and underneath the expiry dates are a bn number,and they all are the same,the decs are obviosly different to the sus numbers,but he's wondering should'nt every vial have a different number,or is each batch all classed as one? and another thing he's got 15 sus 250's and 12 and a half deca' he's thinking of running this with cel mdrol kicker,but the sus and dec an 8 or 10 week cycle,how would you run it and why? (bulk cycle) last thing pct,what are the best compounds to run with this and why? ill be posting this on different categories for a wider response! cheers lads! still researching!