Looking for a specific DS/PH

  1. Looking for a specific DS/PH

    I'm looking for a DS/PH that will give me the least liklihood of libido loss/shutdown. I'm not so concerned with other sides, but the trump card everyone seems to recommend and say around here is Epistane.
    I've heard people get some good gains and still keep their libido.

    I was toying with the idea of running a Epistane/Oxyguno stack while increasing my calorie intake and cutting back a little on the cardio. I know that Oxy is more of a cutter, but I HATE wet compounds, so I try and stay as dry as possible.

    Any recommendations? Anything like Oxyguno out there that is less pricey? the cheapest i've found it is 40 bucks.

  2. you could run Sustain Alpha
    Sustain Alpha at 5 pumps for 2 days every week to keep your libido during your cycle. I just did this protocol while i was using MMV2 and 1-T. 1-T actually increased my libido the first few weeks i was on it. I didn't use the sustain as an HCG protocol until the end of my 2nd week. I noticed an increase in my sex drive after only a few days on the 1-T. you can find more information about it by clicking the link. 1-T

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