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  1. needle pics

    anybody have any pics of what the diff sizes of needles look like up close? I was trying to see what the larger ones looked like (to see if psych i could handle putting a spike in my body lol) but all the pics I pull up are far away weird staged promo photos that i cant see at all. also, when you use the smaller g. needles, do they hurt more going in, or does a needle feel like a needle(think back to when you first got into inj.)

  2. I have plucked ingrown hairs that have be vastly more uncomfortable than 25 gauge needles.

    The hardest part is not the pain but the mental aspect.

  3. lol im talkin about the19,20,23 g needles those ****ing scare me! ou're right about the mental aspect,I'm guessing that will be the hardest to overcome. I got some 27g 1" and 5/8 just to practice with and it wasnt too bad as I can hit delts with pretty much no problem now,but sometimes my mind gets in the way.

  4. 23 is not bad either, but that is as big as i go. With a 27 you may have trouble pushing some oils thru it. the oil will go but it will take force which i do not like to do when injecting.

  5. i dont know how those guys can use an 18'

  6. Who uses an 18 to inject? I've only used them to convert...

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. Anyone who uses 18g to inject has to be either:

    a. Insane!

    b. Really fat, and no other gauge will penetrate..

    c. Dumb enough to buy those redi-ject preload darts from a cheap Mexican pharmacia.. I believe most of those redi-jects come with 18's, and cannot be removed..

    d. Did I mention Insane? How about plain out stupid..

    I use 22g 1.5" on quads/glutes and 23g 1" on everything else.. Use 25's if you don't like pain as much as myself..

  8. Of course, who am I to deny a member their request?

    Plain view, I tried to lighten the shot(no pun) so you could see which was which..

  9. had to pick myself up one more 18g needle for withdrawal today and first....he looked at me like i was going to inject something in me with that 18. (retard) Second, that bastard of a pharmacy charged me a dollar for ONE needle..... (retard) ive had gotten them locally for 35 cents when i run out of my order from GPinz, but i wasnt in the mood to fight.....needed it right then and there...(hehe)

  10. I have accidently done the 20g stick.. nothing like have a 1.5 super barrel in the butt..

  11. cortez,

    I have never had any problems pushing oil through 25g (which is the gauge I would suggest)...I have used 23g in the past, they hurt a little more, but 25g aren't bad at get used to it. Also, there are probably good pics somewhere like (though bigpete already put up some good pics)


  12. haha, my first pin ever was a 20g in the right quad... *insert jim carrey " iiits in the boooooone*

  13. Why not just get a Fina or Syno cartridge tablet implanter if your thinking about running 18g pins. It may be a little bloody and painful but it will get the job done and you wont even need to do any conversions. Ive never done it but Id imagine that it would only feel like you just got shoot with a 22 cal bullet thats slowly dissolving away under your skin. It cant be to bad.

    If anyones dumb enough to try please have someone take pics cause that would be something Id love to see. Something like that would most definitly get you a spot in the sequel to Jackass the movie.

    Hurts just thinking about it.


  14. The nutropin depot , it has to be shot with a 21 gauge and alot of guys were shootin that sucker in their abs... bleh

  15. IMO 20 gauge pins are allright for thick gear (like Iranian TE). I use them once a week for glute shots because too much force is required with a 25 guage..
    The only problem with that is that it tends to leave my ass-cheek spurting blood... (That can't be a good thing)

    Either way .... I've decided to do away with glute shots all together... They put me in way too awkward of a position...
    Besides there's so many more site to utilize for your enjoyment.
    Such as, Bi's, Tri's, Delts, Pecs, Traps, Quads, and Calfs.
    It makes things much easier.

  16. Originally posted by Blatalian
    Besides there's so many more site to utilize for your enjoyment.
    Such as, Bi's, Tri's, Delts, Pecs, Traps, Quads, and Calfs.
    It makes things much easier.
    and more.........such as LATS and rear delts!!!

  17. Originally posted by size

    and more.........such as LATS and rear delts!!!
    Hey Size... Have you done Lat before? That's the only spot I haven't hit yet.
    What does it register on the pain meter?

  18. Originally posted by Blatalian

    Hey Size... Have you done Lat before? That's the only spot I haven't hit yet.
    What does it register on the pain meter?
    No I have never done a lat shot but it can be done and it can take a high volume.
    Rear delt is not bad.

    I only use glutes, thighs and delts with 25gauge 1inch for everything.

  19. I heard lats hurt, so I never did it..

    I've been warned to stay away from shots in the biceps, so I intend to do so.. I love tris, delts, and quads.. Now that I'm immune to the cyp (or just slowly dying from the BA) I can rotate more often, and less painfully..

  20. I dont mean to sound like a dick but maybe AAS injectibles arent for you. Sounds like you should like you should stick with just orals . obviously you have never injected AAS and should do more research on how to inject here is a good link for you .

    here is some advice, once you see the results from injections: taking in account your **** is real you will be addicted like the rest of us .Dont fear a little piece of metal it will release the beast in you .

  21. Yea I use 25G 1.5" and no pain at all, Like someone said more mental though!!
    Here are a few pics..

  22. 25G 1" Pinz..

  23. This is a 22G needle, but I use these for drawing, then switch to a 25G for shooting.

  24. thanks guys. great pics! exactly what i was looking for. I used to be kinda freaked out of needles, then i started doing b12 shots and i'm getting to be ok with it now. one more question....can you use 25g's to inject enanth?


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