H Bomb ..............

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    H Bomb ..............

    Alright guys, I'm going to drop the H BOMB in this forum although it could be in the PH forum as well........

    I've been thinking about the AS and PH cycles I've run in my lifetime and they correspond pretty well with a damned uncomfortable side effect I've experienced from time to time...... hemorrhoids. There, I've said it.

    The funny thing is I've NEVER had a problem with them at any other time in my life except DURING and SHORTLY POST cycle. I'm in my 40's now and will dabble with PH's from time to time. But even in my mid to late 20's when I cycled AS, THAT"S when the problem began.

    I've been off PH's now since July and guess what, no problems. Back in July I had such a problem with them that I saw a doc for it.

    I did a cycle the Summer before......... same damned problem. If I stay away from androgens, I just don't ever get them, period.

    I know that among other things, androgens cause our bodies to produce more red blood cells. Hemorrhoids quite often are the result of thrombosed (swollen, blocked) veins in and around the ass. Thrombosed, oftentimes by small blood clots.

    I did a search here and didn't find any discussion about this subject. I know from my doctor however that hemorrhoids are VERY common, many people suffer from them. Anyone who has ever had them knows how miserably painful they can be. To the point where it's damned near crippling.

    The funny thing is I didn't connect androgens with hemorrhoids until I cleaned out my bathroom closet this weekend. By chance I had tubes of Prep H alongside some of my PH homebrew paraphenalia, which got me to thinking. Then I realized that both were coincidental.

    I had a couple of thoughts..........

    1. I realize we're all affected differently from different compounds, and we all realize different side effects. But I wonder if this means I may be more susceptible to either a heart attack or stroke if I continue dabbling with androgens?

    2. It occurred to me that even if my concern in #1 is a little overstated, I wonder if taking 1-2 aspirin a day would be good for my blood, especially if I decide to do another PH cycle?

    If anyone else has any other thoughts or ideas about this, I'd be interested in hearing them.

    Thanks guys.

    Be well

  2. Cant say much for the hemorrhoids except I know people who have had them lasered off. As for the aspirin I think anyone over 30 or anyone doing AAS should take one a day as long as you dont have any blood clotting disorders.

    Good luck

  3. This may be of interest to you

    More Benefits of Aspirin

    By Paula J. Wart

    It seems an aspirin a day will do more than protect your heart. A new study found that a daily baby aspirin (80 milligrams) reduces the risk that precancerous polyps in the colon will recur by nearly 20 percent. The risk of advanced polyp recurrence was reduced 40 percent in patients with advanced precancerous polyps or colorectal cancer.

    A daily adult aspirin dose (325 milligrams) had a lesser preventive effect - reducing the risk by four percent and 19 percent respectively. It seems the lower dose is more effective than higher amounts of aspirin.

    "We conclude that aspirin may have a modest chemopreventive effect in the large bowel, apparently more marked for lower-dose aspirin," said John A. Baron, MD, professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School in Lebanon, New Hampshire, who led the research group that conducted the study.

    "These results suggest that Americans who are already taking a daily low-dose aspirin to reduce their risk of a heart attack or stroke may be getting an additional benefit - a reduced risk of colorectal cancer - without being aware of it," said Ernest Hawk, MD, chief of the gastrointestinal and other cancers research group at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Daily low-dose aspirin may be an appropriate supplement to regular screening procedures for colorectal cancer in individuals who are at moderate risk for the disease because they have had a prior adenoma, Hawk said. However, he added, it is premature to recommend aspirin to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer in all Americans over age 50. People in this age group are at mildly elevated risk for the disease because of their age alone.
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    Iron Viking....

    Thanks for the info. Good luck to you also.


  5. I fortunately have not been stricken with this problem yet it is a common problem for many while using AAS. Consequently, I can't answer your question except with speculation.

    I ahve alwasy been concerned with the increase in RBC count from AAS and it effect on blood viscosity. However, I have not been able to find any real evidence on the matter. So in relation to heart health, i just do not know. My suggestion is to always be safe and if that means eating fresh garlic daily and takign aspirin, then so be it.
    In addition, I think the H problem durgin a cycle may form the increase in calories which thus equates to more time spent on the toilet. I know it seems simple but it must have an effect. Also, I imagine that the increased strain from lifting may have consequences.
    Again this is all just specualtion.

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    Hey Size,

    Thanks. I didn't realize this was a common problem among people cycling AS. I've just never heard it discussed before, and didn't know if I was among the minority with a bizarre side effect.

    Here is a link to an article written by Bill Llewellyn. Not about hemorrhoids, but about the increase in the number of red blood cells our bodies produce while cycling androgens.


    Of course, I don't know if this is WHY androgens would increase instances of hemorrhoids, it's just my reasoned best guess based on my own experience.

    I do think you're right about the extra calorie intake and more time spent on the throne..... definately a contributing factor.

    I will say that lifting generally doesn't seem to aggravate hemorrhoids (for me anyway) while taking androgens. Even deadlifts. I know this seems counter-intuitive but lifting doesn't seem to affect it one way or another. Even today for example, I deadlift 300x12-14 reps once every 2 weeks, and there's no problem at all, even though that weight is damned heavy for me when training naturally.

    Rather, what seems to aggravate them the most is being on my feet, just walking around and doing light physical labor over a period of a few hours or so, WHEN I'm cycling androgens.

    This is why I concluded it is more of a blood/circulatory problem in my case. And why I'm concerned in the long run about increased risks of stroke or heart disease.

    Again, if I'm not taking androgens I don't have hemorrhoids. It just seemed like a bizarre side affect for me.

    Thanks again.

  7. whats up with that scar on your right shoulder?? It looks like some sort of surgery???


  8. I too have the "Roid Rage". Mine hasn't been so much alligned with androgen use but I think as a Size mentioned both the increased volume/weight lifted while on plus the frequency on the toilet would explain it. I have had the laser surgery once it did not take care of the problem. The doctor said it may take another round. The #1 thing that causes mine is sitting on the toilet. I am not "allowed" to bring a magazine to the bathroom "Sometimes I have to smuggle one by my girlfriend". As far as the creams that treat them none work that great so what I do when they are real bad is mix some Oragel 10% Benzocaine in with the Prep H and it kills the pain/itch.
    Maybe more info than some of you wanted but hey some people have a bad heart, some have a bad back, I have a faulty ass!
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    About a year and a half ago I avulsed my pec major tendon, meaning I tore it right out of my upper arm. i got stuck benching heavy weight and tried to blast it off my chest. So it needed surgery to reattach.


    Mine doesn't seem to be related to lifting. Although not recently, I've been to the doc 3 times. My doc tells me to 'wait" until it's really bothering me a lot and then he slices them........... for the uninitiated, they do NUMB the area first, ha. But they don't call it a PAIN IN THE ASS for nothing. It sounds like a silly problem but anyone who's had them knows how wretched they can be. He has explained to me that it's the result of small blood clots becoming trapped in the small veins, thrombosing that area. For some reason, people who have this problem just are prone to it with this part of their anatomy. Not a lot can be done.

    I AM going to try taking 1-2 aspirin a day on my next androgen cycle to see if that helps. Otherwise, overall, I might just try the 1 baby aspirin a day just for good health, based on the post by Iron Viking. I had read that before elsewhere.

    Good luck
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    Hey, I just wanted to give an update on the Aspirin situation. It worked for me! I completed an 8 week transdermal PH cycle the third week of January. I faithfully took 1 adult aspirin a day for the duration of it.


    I think it's the first AS or PH cycle I ever did that I had no #@^% hemorrhoid problem.

    The aspirin solution makes sense if you think about it. If hemorrhoids are in fact caused by small blood clots around the butt, aspirin helps to prevent and thin the blood, so it should help with that problem.

    It did in my case, and I just wanted to pass that along to any other bro's who like me, only seem to get them when taking androgens.

    Good luck.

  11. I got em, I've had em b4 PH use and now they are worse than ever. I used to carry TUCKS with me all the time, but that made the problem much worse cuz that dries out your ass making it more painful. Now I use Aquaphor and prep-h cream on them and it helps a little bit. My friends really make fun of me about this **** too, it pisses me off so bad.

  12. I was wondering myself about this topic. I have had problems with them from time to time over the past 10-11 years but have always been able to gain relief from prep-h. I am currently in the middle of my first ever cycle of AS (test en) and they are relentlessly inflamed. Furthermore Prep-H has not at all been effective.

    I guess just a little more anecdotal evidence.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ironviking
    Cant say much for the hemorrhoids except I know people who have had them lasered off. As for the aspirin I think anyone over 30 or anyone doing AAS should take one a day as long as you dont have any blood clotting disorders.

    Good luck
    Was watching Opra a few weeks ago and a top leading doctor was on, who stated that 162 mg of aspirin a day is the best from all the studies. The aspirin should be coated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rictor33
    I got em, I've had em b4 PH use and now they are worse than ever. I used to carry TUCKS with me all the time, but that made the problem much worse cuz that dries out your ass making it more painful. Now I use Aquaphor and prep-h cream on them and it helps a little bit. My friends really make fun of me about this **** too, it pisses me off so bad.
    2 Summers ago I had such a problem with them, and not making the androgen connection then, that I went to see a doc. I had internal and external. 2 visits and he took care of them, although he warned they could come back. I admit it's kind of an embarrassing thing to go see a doc about but in my case I had enough and the OTC stuff wasn't working. Trust me you're not alone, a LOT of people have problems with this, and MANY people have to see a doc at some point in their life for this.

    I was very glad I went. He got rid of the existing ones and gave me some stronger medicine if new ones showed up. The problem is now behind me, pun intended. Just bite the bullet and make the appointment, you won't regret it.

    Once you get them taken care of, start the aspirin therapy a few days before you do any PH or AS cycle. As I mentioned earlier, since I thought about taking an aspirin daily with a cycle, I had zero problems. My Prep-H days are over.

    Good luck

  15. Glad you posted this PC1. I'd never been hit with the H-bomb until I did my first cycle of PH/PS. I didn't know what the hell hit me!! I didn't make the connection until I just saw this thread. I'm gonna have to try your aspirin a day idea and see how the next cycle goes.


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