AX Phera-Plex cycle

  1. AX Phera-Plex cycle

    I am about to start my pre-loading for a AX Phera-plex cycle and I am looking for any help and/or suggestions. Currently i am 21, 5'6" 170lbs at 14-15% bf and am just looking to put on mass. I would ideally like to be at 185-195 before I begin cutting in early to mid april. My diet currently consits off a 40/40/20 ratio c/p/f and i am up to about 3200-3500 cals in a day. I have an extremely high RMR as the need i have to consume a lot of food.

    My preloading and supplements currently consist of:
    1.CoQ10 50mg
    2.AX Perfect Cycle which contains NAC 1000mg,Milk Thistle 600mg, ALA 200mg.
    3.Hawthorne Berry
    4. Multi-Vit
    5.Fish Oil
    6. Grape Seed
    7.Saw Palmetto
    Numbers 1-3 are what I am adding to my daily regimen and counting as preloading. I am planning on pre-loading for 10-14 days. I have also read that Red yeast rice is good to take, but I am shying away from due to a possible interaction with the Zocor I am on.

    As for the cycle I plan to keep taking all items listed above along with Anabolic Xtreme Phera-plex. I am planning on a four week cycle with an increasing does 10/20/20/30. I am planning on starting with 10mg my first week, if anyone has started higher, please give feedback.

    As for PCT I am considering some of the following Rebound,retain,jungle warfare,hyperdrol. I don't have anything solid yet, but am looking for suggestions as I would like to have all items for PCT in my hand by completion of pre-loading.

    Thanks for any suggestions

  2. i think 20/20/30/30 might be better for your doses and you will need a serm for pct

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