Nolva Powder

  1. Nolva Powder

    Its almost half the price to just buy straight nolva powder-what im wondering is what is the liquid suspension made out of?- is it a special delivery formula or could i get the same results just mixing the powder with my protein shake- sorry if this has been covered, i searched a couple of times and i found nothing


  2. Bacardi 151 will get the job done also. This should be under conversions bro.

  3. why not just scoop 40mg and put it in the protein shake?

    the whole alcohol solution thing is to place these items in the 'research' catagory. there is no need to disolve in alcohol if you already have the powder.

  4. Actually rhatid it is a conversion. You are converting a powder in a liquid form which is a CONVERSION. Now moving on if you would like to make things extremely difficult then yes go ahead and weigh out 40mg every day and mix it into your protein powder. If you want to make it easy on yourself then suspend it in alcohol for quick and accurate dosing. I usually make it at 20mg/mL so I pull up 2cc into an oral syringe and that's it takes all but 2 seconds.

  5. Yes.... weighing out 40mg every day would be tedious to say the least... It makes much more sense to suspend it in an alcohol for sterility/preservation and accurately dose it with an oral syringe, but some people insist on doing things the hard way. Finally, this does not belong under the prohormones header.

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  6. Thanks

    Thanks for the quick responses guys
    Also, sorry for not looking in conversions-didnt think to even check this section out


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