First cycle into the dark side

  1. First cycle into the dark side

    What would be a good First cycle. Doing research btw and am not looking to do one for a good year. Been lifting for about 5 so far.

  2. stats? this is the easiest AAS question out there. use the search feature

  3. this is the kind of stuff i think you should cover in the "research period"

    *know the typical effects and side effects of every compound
    *understand how to combat possible side effects and have access to the necessary research chems to correct them
    *understand esters and injection frequency
    *understand injection technique and sterility
    *understand suppression and how to create a PCT, have access to SERMs and AIs
    *have diet DOWN and know how you have to eat to accomplish your goals on cycle (usually this is directed at skinny kids who don't know how to eat and think steroids will get them big)
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  4. i deffinately agree and thats is some great info i will def start researching those things and nolva clomid AI's i know some what about these products. So thanks and more info would be great thanks and my stats are 6'0 about 180 and idk my bodyfat about 10-12 i think also been lifting for about 3-4 years

  5. search=first cycle=test and test only!


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