kilo m1t is hyped garbage

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  1. Originally posted by theprolangtum


    LMAO!! Sorry...
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  2. Originally posted by rhatid
    The only thing i have noticed is VERY dark urine.. maybe i need to drink more water. or it could just be the nitrogen retention.
    This can have various implications. My suggestion is just to be safe and add more water.

  3. is the kilosports brand "Meso Labs" ???

  4. Originally posted by Campeon
    is the kilosports brand "Meso Labs" ???
    Negative-I believe its "Gaspari"

  5. I haven't as of yet tried M1-t. I have 1 bottle of Kilosports, and two bottles of Legal Gear on order. I'll probably try the Kilo first since I should get it first. I'll report back if one seems superior to the other.

  6. I am on day 12 of Kilosports (Gaspari) M1t at 10mg per day. I have gained 3 pounds & negligible strength increases. I got the flu on day 3, almost fully recovered now & I'm sure that hurt my gains. I did not get any cramping or other sides except a little lethargy. I think the flu is from the weather cjanges, not the cycle. I have been stacking with LGP 1t + hydroxytest. The lack of sides makes me wonder if there's really 10mg in these caps.

    I think either the gaspari M1t is underdosed, or I need 20mg to get the type of gains others report on 10mg. I wonder if those who gain 10 lbs on 10mg are smaller to begin with & respond to less M1t? I went from 214 to 217 with low bf on M1t, I wonder if 20 mg should be my standard dose...

  7. you should hvae gained from LGP 1t + hydroxytest on its it means different people respond different ways


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