Arimidex doses for fat loss?

  1. Arimidex doses for fat loss?

    Since arimidex is effective at reducing estrogenic fat (some guys even use Liquidex for that), what dose and frequency are best?

  2. use and eca or nyc, or clen. Do not run arimidex without test. You are going to put your blood lipid profiles in havoc.

  3. I wouldn't do the A in ECA.

  4. Originally posted by CROWLER
    I wouldn't do the A in ECA.
    you know what i mean. eca is just the universal term. Personally i had better results with NYC from the anabolic fitness store.

  5. Why not the a in eca.


  6. Aspirin thins your stomach walls and can cause stomach bleeding.
    More importantly, NSAID's have been found to hinder protein synthesis.


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