PH question

  1. PH question

    Does anyone know why recomended off cycle time for most of these new prohormones is 3 months?? Are they just covering their asses(want customers to play it safe) or is it because most are that much harsher on the liver, etc. then illegal roids?? I want to try a cycle of Spawn(tren/epistane) but i dont want to commit 4 months to it when i could run Deca for 3 months straight.

  2. Most PH/steroid cycle recommendations are Cycle+PCT = the amount of time off before another cycle. So 1 month PH cycle + 3-4 weeks PCT and you should have at least 2 months off before running another cycle. Orals are normally harsher on the liver and PH's are legal (at least for some time) so people could consievably sue the companies for not providing proper advice; it's a bit like most companies will say that you should have a full doctor's exam before taking their supplement if you have high blood pressure, etc.

    Most people would advocate only running a PH/steroid cycle when you have trained for several years and have made as many gains as you can naturally. After that maybe 2 cycles per year.

  3. i wouldnt run more then 3 oral cycle in 1 year.

    so 1 cycle every 4 months or 3 months depending on cycle length.

  4. Ive been training on and off (mostly on though) for the past eight years and my nutrition is pretty down pat so thats no issue here. I agree with both of you, it just seems like alot of off time for only one month on. Im having a hard time deciding between another PH(ive ran a cycle of H-drol and was very unimpressed, very weak product in my opinion) or just going with the deca-with that, id only be runnin 2 cycles a year but at least they would be nice and long. Quite a few people I know have had pretty nice lean gains and great strength increases off Spawn. How do you think they would compare? Prolly more weight with Deca, but wetter gains,rite? And plus Deca would be better with my shoulder injurys, so its a tough call.

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