Just thought i say that i was taking some good doses of 6-OXO for 3full weeks and at the end i got sick. I got a real bad fever with hardly any sniffles and 2 days later i still feel down. The thing is im pretty sure that it was normally just a simple cold because my mom is getting it today and my sister came over about the time that i could have gotten it and she had just a cold with no fever from what i know. I did workout the day i started to get slight symptoms but i was in sort of denial being i hadn't been sick in OVER 3 YEARS! I think the low estrogen is what wiped me out. The leg day wasn't too strenuous because it i only used weights i was normally accustomed to and on te 3rd set i used less and my workouts have been shorter because im just tryin to maintain muscle not gain it.