M1T vs Mag 10

  1. M1T vs Mag 10

    I just read an article over at T Mag there saying the M1T isnt that good!!there brand of Mag 10 is better,but i see all the raves on this site,so does anyone really know if mag 10 is better??its under the colum called cyborg.

  2. been there done this.. use the search function please..

  3. ahhh yes the searc

    jus look at the titles in this forum section and you'll see that this has been covered 3 times already

  4. Didn't get much from mag10 myself.....except an awful taste in my mouth.

  5. Biotest is the biggest scam this side of muscletech. Overpriced, underdosed crap.

  6. I swear I just read on t-mag where they say that Mag-10 ISN'T suppressive at all. WTF

  7. MAG-10 did absolutely nothing for me. I love how they tell you to take all the extra protein and carbs with it... any minor growth would come from all that extra eating anyway.

  8. I was the biggest Biotest fan going until I waisted my money on 6 bottles of Myostat. Besides waisting money, it was probably the best thing I ever did because it opened me up to a whole new world of non-propoganda advice like AM. Some of their training articles are good but everything else is mostly bull****.

  9. A four week supply of m-1-t is 80.00 or less. A four week supply of mag-10 is 280. What are they going to say m-1-t is better? I tried to post this on their message board and guess what happened? My post didn't make it and my name and password didn't work after my post was submitted. Cy al so stated something to the effect that m-1-t was less effective than mag- 10 and gave a reference. Someone on t-mags message board pointed out that the study actually showed that m-1-t was four times more anabolic than testosterone and that people were getting good results from m-1-t. Cy back peddled and said m-1-t was four times more anabolic than test when injected, m-1-t probably wasn't legal, and that it could cause liver problems but as long as people know that he didn't have a problem with people taking it. I personally have tried mag-10 and IMO it was a total waste on money. It is 70.00 a week and gave me absolutely no results.
  10. Wink

    mag 10 sucks, bottem line. if you like non-results and wasted $$$$, stock up on as much mag 10 as you can afford. after all, the results are the best, biotest says so......


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