Winn Only?

  1. Winn Only?

    Looking for running endurance..can I take winn only ?

  2. yes but it will be hard on ur joints and possibly libido. even though it takes a while to kick in, i would suggest EQ 400mg/week for 15 weeks

  3. thx...wasnt aware EQ was an endurance drug.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ol'Dirty View Post
    thx...wasnt aware EQ was an endurance drug.

    yes sirrrrr

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    yes sirrrrr
    He is very correct in this. EQ and Winny rock for endurance. I would probably run a low dose of Test maybe a TRT dose of 200EW during this run to be sure to prevent any libido issues. I also prefer to run EQ at a minimum of 14 weeks because it takes a while for it to start working. I normally start noticing it really kicking in around the 7-8th week and when people stop it at say 10 weeks they are shutting off the EQ right when its getting in full effect. I would personally do this:

    [email protected] (Weeks 1-15) (This is assuming that you dont really want to incorporate the Test into your cycle. I do think even with a TRT dose you will be able to prevent loss of libido and if will only serve to enhance and solidify your gains).

    [email protected] ( Weeks 1-14)
    [email protected] (Weeks 1-8)

  6. if you get tested DO NOT USE EQ. also with EQ test will not be needed, it can be run fine standalone.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nephilim666 View Post
    if you get tested DO NOT USE EQ. also with EQ test will not be needed, it can be run fine standalone.

    Yes EQ stays in system much longer all though you could claim ATD use which has been shown to give a false positive for eq

  8. although atd wont send your RBC count through the roof =/

  9. could be tested, most likely wont...on a time frame, and recovering from injury. Need something for fast results..not looking for permanant


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