Stacking M1T/4-AD and when to take them

  1. Stacking M1T/4-AD and when to take them

    I'm currently on a 4-week M1T/4-AD cycle (16 days into it), and I was wondering about something. Does it matter if they are taken separately? Like at different times of the day?

    Because, right now, I'm taking the 4-AD around noon, and the M1T before I go to bed (to get around the lethargy). And I am seeing gains - gained 8 pounds in the first 7 days - but I'm wondering if I could gain even more if I took them together.

    For those of you who stack them - do you take them together? I know it's really not that big of a deal, but I was just curious...

  2. M1T and 4ad do not have to be taken together however for best results the 4ad should be split up into 2 applications every 12 hours.

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