To Late for PCT?

  1. Question To Late for PCT?

    I was running a 10 weeks cycle of test prop 100ml EOD and dbol 30mg ED for 4 weeks. Only made it to 5 weeks with the test before my ex threw it out along with my PCT I started out at 170lb 13%Bf at the end I was up to 198lb. Its been 3 weeks since my last inject. My contact is fresh out of Clomid, Nolvadex but hes getting some Nolvadex this week. My weight is at 187 as of this morning. Been taking 3000mg tribulus ED but I know thats not really gonna do ****. So just wondering when I get the nolva what dosage should I be taking, or should I even be taking any at all?
    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. i would say to start your pct just as soon as you get it at the original planned doses.

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