Best Legal Strength Stack?

  1. Best Legal Strength Stack?

    Hi everyone.

    I've done a few legal cycles. I've done cyclotren, Havoc, Supedrol and 1-T over the years.

    For my next cycle I want to stack <legal OTC> 2 compounds that are designed to give good strength gains. I have never done Phera Phlex as I have heard this is more suited for bulking rather than strength.

    Any ideas?

    I am 200 Lbs, 5'9. Please list any recommended dosages.

  2. If your not concerned with size and only want strength I would go 19NOR Tren product and stack that with Epi and you could add MMV2 which worked very well for me at 4 caps a day pre-workout. I had great strength gains from Havoc stacked with MMV2. Around 35lbs on bench.

  3. Not to thread hop, what if I wanted both size and strength?

  4. epi is pretty good for strength imo, maybe stack some with phera.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ABNRanger View Post
    Not to thread hop, what if I wanted both size and strength?
    Superdrol....... Phera Plex will give you size and strength but I think most would say Superdrol is best for size and strength. It just comes with some baggage. Sides.......

    I can't wait for my bridge to start. Phera Plex into Superdrol for 5-6 weeker!!

  6. Two best OTC compounds i've used for strength lately MMV2 5caps a day and M,14ad. Ofcourse s-drol is always good but some people get harsher sides. the two supps above i ran with no sides

  7. sdrol 20mg, tren 90mg ed for 4 weeks..i luv sdrol preWO


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