p-5-p vs caber

  1. p-5-p vs caber

    ive been hearing a lot about p-5-p lately....is this hype or not...has anyone whose actually used caber used p-5-p...are they even in the same ballpark?

  2. i dount their in the same ballpark for obvious reasons. which would u trust in a certain situation?

  3. yeah...i keep telling myself...its only b-6...but every thread i open up these days has p-5-p somewhere in it...we need to find somebody with some nasty prolactin induced gyno to Guinea pig it....

  4. anyone out there milking?? please PM mooch if so

  5. i have nipples, can u milk me?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    anyone out there milking?? please PM mooch if so

    lol...hell its only 8 bucks...id even buy it for ya

  7. its b6 thats doesn't cause nerve damage so you can use alot higher doses. Its been proven to reduce prolactin in women significantly..to the point of stopping lactation in breastfeeding women.


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