Methyl 1-Test far inferior to regular test according to TMag--is this true?

  1. Methyl 1-Test far inferior to regular test according to TMag--is this true?

    ****, this is a repost - well, the other title wasn't helpful if you don't care to know who Cy Wilson is...

    Obviously the boys at T-Mag are Biotest pimps, and so they are bound to lose sales of Mag-10 to Methyl 1-Test, since they don't carry this, but is there anything to their allegations? 25% the anabolic potency of Test prop, and 50% the adrogenic activity?! But at what dose? They also don't reference the bioassays which purportedly show this. What should we make of this?
    "Methyl 1-Test: The True Story

    Q: What is Methyl 1-test? Is it potent? Is it legally sold as a supplement or what? I'm so confused!

    A: First, Methyl 1-Test isnít even proper nomenclature. As for it being potent, Counsell, et al., found that C-17 alkylation of 17B-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-3-one (also incorrectly referred to as 1-Testosterone) decreased anabolic and androgenic activity in bioassays. It had about one-fourth the anabolic potency of Testosterone propionate and about half the androgenic activity.

    The androgen found in MAG-10, 5a-androst-1-ene (1-Testosterone), was shown to be as androgenic as Testosterone propionate but had twice the anabolic activity. So, in reality, with this so-called methyl-1-Testosterone, you're getting the potential liver toxicity while getting much less benefit.

    I think people were excited when they first heard of it as they thought, "Oh, okay, well alkylating 1-Testosterone will solve the problem of oral bioavailability and thus we'll have one kick-ass compound." In reality, adding that methyl group creates not just a methylated version of the androgen, but an entirely different molecule, period!

    People need to understand that adding a methyl group or a double bond (or really any number of functional groups and atoms) creates an entirely different androgen. For instance, methandrostenolone (D-bol) only differs from Testosterone by a methyl group at the C-17 and an additional double bond between the C-1 and C-2. But can you honestly say D-bol and Testosterone impart the same effects? Even disregarding bioassays, which have demonstrated substantial differences between the two androgens, itís still obvious to anyone whoís used them."
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  2. you'll want to check here

  3. No way, it's not even more potent than T-1 Pro let alone M1T

  4. For someone who is smart enough to be the first to realise the earth spins I am surprised you are reading anything by t-mag let alone reposting some nonsense from then.

    Lets not cheapen this forum with adverts disguised as questions/research.

  5. Someone called his b.s on the study he posted at the end of his article. When he said "It had about one-fourth the anabolic potency of Testosterone propionate and about half the androgenic activity" I guess it wasn't true in the study he posted. So he posted that rebuttal on that other thread. I don't know if you can still find it in the t-mag forum because they censor their posts. My user name and password were banned when I pointed out that a one month supply of m-1-t cost 43 dollars on dps and a one month supply of mag-10 would cost close to 300. Why anyone still listens to them is beyond word myostat or myocrap.

  6. haha, Mag 10 is twice as anabolic as test prop? LMAO

  7. mag 10 is a ****ing joke, i'd like to see this thread removed just for the stupidity in this t-mag ****. 1-ad is better than mag-10 and that isnt half as potent as m1t.

  8. What an ASS!!!

    90% of a steroid molecule' Androgenic/Anabolic properties come from alterations to ring 1 and 2 NOT RING 4. ****ing scumbags trying to sell their bull**** mag 10.

    The alterations to ring 4 are purely for half life adjustments and biochemical protection.

    Ring 3 is rarely adjusted.

  9. Isn't Tmag for girls?


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