First cycle of Test E - getting big for Spring Break

  1. Smile First cycle of Test E - getting big for Spring Break

    I’m excited to start mid January and just wanted some feedback to make sure I get the most out of it,

    I’ll be injecting Test Enanthate twice a week. 500mg per week for 8 weeks.

    I’m paranoid about gyno, at what point would it be best to start taking a 10mg per day dosage of Nolvadex?

    2 weeks after the completion of my cycle, I will run Nolva again for PCT: 40/40/20/20. Should I ingest anything during the initial 2 weeks off?

    For better gains, I’m thinking about doing a 5 week cycle of Havoc during my first 5 weeks of test. Should I still be doing the 10mgs/day of Nolva? Should I still run PCT the same way?

    Any advice would be appreciated and sorry for all the explicit details in this post.

  2. Armidex @ .25mg/ed would be a better option than the Nolva I believe... they say Nolva could affect gains while on cycle..
    You should up your cycle to around 10-12 weeks with Test-E also.
    the Havoc could be used as a kickstarter for the cycle also..

  3. Arimidex is a better choice ON CYCLE than nolva.....nolva works well post cycle....


  4. thanks, should I start Arimidex on the first day or should I wait 2-3 weeks into the cycle?

  5. Start it immediately if gyno is the number one concern....if water retention was the main issue, you could drag your feet a bit to see how bad it became...




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