Meso Labs 10mg tabs OR the AMT 5mg tabs?

  1. Meso Labs 10mg tabs OR the AMT 5mg tabs?

    Is there a difference between the AMT 5mg M1T tabs and the Meso Labs 10mg tabs???

    i hope there's not...everyone's talking about the AMT stuff but i ordered the 10mg stuff from Meso Labs.

    i know the chemicals come from the same source but does Meso Labs
    do anything like put a binder in the M1T to make a pill from it??

  2. They are the same. The only real difference is the dosage. The 5mg dosing makes it easier to use because there have been some complaints on side effects at 10mg/day. Also the half-life is not certain so taking 5mgs 1-2 x day would be beneficial for some. If you already bought the 10mgs, you could cut them in two and take one or two (halves) a day. I for one took 10mgs (Meso Labs) without a problem, but only ran the cycle for 2 weeks with good results.

  3. bumparooo

  4. Both brands are from the same batch. Both should do the job for you.

  5. well now you can get the LG\Meso tabs at for 50$ instead of 80$. This is a difference of 500mg for the same price. i would go with the LG product and buy a pill spliter with the money saved if you wanted to cut your dose down to 5mg. is going to carry them now too - wonder what there price will be - hopefully even cheaper...



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