1. Tren/Halodrol/Epistane

    Im currently deciding on which to use for my next cycle, im really leaning towards H-Roid. Yet HaloTest-25 seems like the product to get? Also CELS H-Drol is quality.
    T-Roid also looks good, but there is many great reviews on Xtreme Tren?
    Then Havoc looks promising, but Epistane is nearly half the price and gets just as many good reviews?

    Which of those products is the one to go with?
    My first cycle was a harsh PH with no sides P-Plex.

    I am also willing to do a stack. I want 12-15 lbs of muscle, and add like 30-50 pds to core lifts.

    Someone give me some good advice on which one to go with, or stack?

  2. stats and training experience please

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    stats and training experience please

    x2 plz

    In general though I'd go with H-Drol (a Halodrol compound) over the H-Roid (Promagnon compound) in any situation - both are very similar in effects & mechanism of action but the Halodrol is a little more anabolic.

    As for the Epi choices - I'd pick Havoc as RPN always had top notch quality without any spectrometry issues. Our E-Stane is the same as Havoc / Epi as well. A few extra dollars is always worth it when quality is the most important factor.

  4. Age:22
    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 230
    Training Experience: lifting for over 8 years now, started in high school.
    I've only done one PH cycle of P-Plex, and saw 12lbs increase, kept a solid 8 of that. Mild side effect of anger.

    My body tends to handle everything well, i tend to be a hyper responder to almost everything I take.

    So which PH would you suggest for my 2nd cycle to gain about 12-15lbs?



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