How does this look for a spring-time lean mass stack?

  1. How does this look for a spring-time lean mass stack?

    Ok, I will be attempting to recomp as much as possible over about the next 12 weeks. I want to get my bodyfat as low as possible in this time frame while keeping my muscle mass. Then, in about 12 weeks, I will be doing this cycle:

    Wks. 1-10 Test Cyp. 400mg/week
    Wks. 1-10 A-dex as needed to ward off water retention

    PCT (2 weeks after last injection)
    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Clomid 50/50/50/50

    And I'm going to throw in some T3 for good measure to enhance fat loss...time to get shredded

    My diet during this cycle will be about 700 cals above maintenance. Too much? Too little? Lifting will consist of a 4 day push pull split with cardio 5 days a week(walking).

    Look good?

  2. you really don't like being bloated do you?

    common it's just 10 weeks. it makes you look huge and makes you stronger....hahaha

    just teasin'.

  3. haha no i'm not a fan of bloat.

    How would I incorporate the T3 into this cycle? Dosages? Length?

  4. can u please make ONE thread and stick to it? u have like 10 threads in this section in about 24 hours....its annoying and takes up space

  5. sorry bro

  6. its all good. just make one thread and ask all the questions u want. ppl will regularly check in the thread and ur questions will be answered. no need to create a new thread for each question

  7. ok...i figured that if I hadnt post in a thread for awhile people would stop checking it. thanks bro


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