eq and drol together?

  1. eq and drol together?

    Ok as a few of you know I have been on cycle for quite awhile, and before I finish my current cycle in the future I was going to try something new. I am currently running enan and eq as a base, with prop ed for site injects. slin 3-4 times a week on major body parts only.

    I have had bp probs in the past, but have them well under control now. I have never heard of anyone running eq and drol together, and was wondering if anyone has done it, the sides, and if it would skyrocket my bp.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, and I didn't list the amounts of test and eq for a reason, if any vets, or mods want more specifics, please pm me.

    Thanks, fireman

  2. anything around 150 mg drol will increase ur bp quite a bit , take ur own reading and see , i'd not worry till my bp goes above 180/100 or so ... then basically use some thiazide or even dandellion root will help ... else think clonidine .

  3. I would be concerned with BP problems on EQ and drol but I watch BP on everything. It is best just to be observant. May want to look into buying some Allimax.

  4. why especially worried about bp when using equipoise ? i dont understand .

  5. It increases red cell volumization at higher dosages, and I believe this can negatively effect blood pressure.

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  6. Originally posted by raybravo
    why especially worried about bp when using equipoise ? i dont understand .
    I had a BP increase while on EQ but this could just me. I think that this may have been caused by the EQ and a change in my blood viscosity. Viscosity, as a risk parameter, is at least as good a predictor of changes in blood pressure.
    However, I do realize that that the mild estrogenic effects should cause a balancing out of red and white blood cells. Yet is it not possible that an upward effect on hemocrit levels could exist and in turn raise blood pressure.

    Of course maybe it is just me, as I am always worried about BP, maybe that is why mine raises sometimes.

    ManBeast...................... ......AAS increase red blood cell production in general.

  7. Ok so I took the plunge. I am going to run the drol at 100 mgs ed divided into two doses. the eq is at 1000 ew. I increased my clondine from 450 mcgs to 600 mcgs ed. So far so good, but there is no way that my bp could go up that quickly. If the bottom # gets above 110 then drol ends. And I won't increase my clondine above 600 mcgs. damn drymouth at 450 is bad enough.

    so I'll be the guinea pig once more. Tried about everything else so well see what this does.

    Thanks everybody


  8. what are u crazy !? i would never run clonidine more than 300 mcg ! u need to control aldosterone , use dandellion root , 500 mg caps 3 times a day with meals . dont use that much clonidine , wtf ? if the bottom one gets over 100 , then dandellion root normally brings things back into control .
    dont be a guinea pig , its ur physique ! dont take risks with bp meds .

  9. ray, I've been on clondine for some time now, my prescribed doseage is 450 mcgs ed. My doc knows I increase it ocasionally when my bp goes up. I also take hydrochorothiazide. I have yet to see any negative sides with the increased doseage besides the damn dry mouth. If you have some info on this doseage being dangerous please pass it on. I've tried numerous bp meds and clondine is my favorite by far.

  10. no , well , personally ive never used nor have i seen my friends use more than 300 mcg of clonidine . and instead of thiazide , dandellion root works equally fine and its cheaper . u might want to try that , but thiazide will do too . how are u using that ? the dose i mean .


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