how this cycle look?

  1. how this cycle look?

    My goal for this cycle is mass and strength. This will be my 2nd cycle. Comments suggestions? Thanks.
    75mg of tren ace eod weesk 1-8
    200mg of test prop eod weeks 1-10
    40mg d-bol ed weeks 1-4
    standard nolva and clomid for pct.
    is hcg necessary.

  2. thats a long time on tren ace....i like 50mgs ed for six weeks...but even then i cut it short some times cuz the flu symptoms suck so bad

  3. looks fine to me, if its your first time running tren shoot for 8 weeks but sides will start to kick your ass past week 6. try to stay on it as gains are excellent but be smart and know what sides are worth the gains. hcg is a must if you ask me.

  4. yea i will just play the tren by how i feel. Thanks for the help.

  5. is clomid ok instead of hcg on cycle? i saw on professional muscle (another board) that you have the option of hcg or clomid on but i have never seen anyone else recommend clomid on cycle. I would love to do hcg but i am in Canada and it is pretty hard to get (not asking for a source).

  6. u need HCG, there a plenty of ppl ive heard from who've never recovered or take months to recover. tren is the strongest out there. GET HCG


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