Need advice on some traveling plans

  1. Need advice on some traveling plans

    Here's the deal: I have a little sister who's graduating high school this May. I haven't seen her in like 4 years, so I promised I would fly out and not miss this. I planned on finishing up a 15 wk cycle around that time, thinking I wasn't leaving til mid june.

    I don't want to be feeling weak and emotional from coming off the juice when I need to be feeling happy and healthy for my family's sake since I haven't seen them in forever.

    So, I feel like my options are:
    1. take my last couple of shots with me --I'd be in top shape and feeling great during my visit, but with airports the way they are, the idea of getting on a plane with even a tiny bit of gear worries me.

    2. cut my cycle a bit short and be on pct during my visit -- I don't relish the idea of being unusually moody or depressed while also possibly looking like I'm rapidly losing weight while seeing my family for the first time in years. Plus I'd really like to give longer cycles a try and I'm only going to be doing 1 per year, no matter if it's 6 weeks or 16, so if I DO cut it short and have regrets, that's it til 2010 for me...

    3. Waiting til after to go on. That'd be postponing my cycle for 4 months, call me over eager but damn. Plus I'd love to go see them looking BIG and with a smile on my face, you know?

    just a lot of moral dilemmas it feels like. I feel like no matter what I choose I'm either going to be sacrificing something or in the case of option 1 risking something.

  2. How long are you visiting them for? If you're shooting long esters, you can visit them during that 2 weeks between the last shot and PCT, when you've still got a significant amount of test in your system and don't need to take shots with you.
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  3. The visit can be as short as a few days or as long as 10. I just called and asked and her graduation would be on the 21st of may, so i'd be flying out on the 20th . I counted back 15 weeks using my computer clock just now, and according to that I'd have to have my first shot by feb 11th, and to go through 3 250mg/ml vials (test E) with my last shot being on the 20th before I hit the airport. I had planned on using winny during the end of the cycle, but if I don't feel good about taking that with me it wouldn't be the end of the world if I just decided to drop it. I totally forgot about the long ester clearance time, looks like things may just work out on their own! thanks for the reminder on the ester clearance.

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