question for training during cycle/pct

  1. question for training during cycle/pct

    hey guys...couple of quick question regarding my upcoming cycle of m-drol. my current training routine is moderate volume 9-14 sets and reps are between 6-15 usually i pyramid reps down with increased weight. 1st question is should i stick with that routine during pct or change it up i was thinking maybe something like hit or max-ot? also i've been currently training for about 8 or so weeks would it be good for me to take a week off before cycle or just jump right in? thanks for your time

  2. keep it the same, and if you cant do as much thats ok but still try, dont intentionally lower the weight just because u are OFF

  3. You've been training only 8 weeks and want to use a steroid?

  4. no i've been training for 6 years....i usually take a week off every couple of months and have currently been training for 8 weeks straight and wondered if i should rest or go right into cycle.

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