UG vs Pharm

  1. UG vs Pharm

    which way should i got? my first injectable cycle. price difference is around 60 bucks. im leaning toward the UG lab product it seems prettty legit. opinions?

  2. I would spend the extra 60$ to know im getting a legit product. The UG stuff can be under/over dosed IMO.

  3. its a gamble with both these days. u just have to trust ur source

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    its a gamble with both these days. u just have to trust ur source
    Exactly great point. I use HG that is prescribed by doc but I also get UGL from a good trusted source and they are both good. Bottom line you have to trust your source and if he is a good source then you will get a legit product. The only difference with HG is that it is made in labs where people are closely watched. This is not to say that there are not bad UGL's because there are, people underdose, sell primo and then it end up being deca. However, most reputable sources are trying to make a name and I dont think many are willing to risk jeopardising making money by selling bunk gear.

  5. i honestly think ur more likely to RECEIVE fake HG than fake UGL. HG is where the money is at because ppl will pay more for it knowing (thinking) that it is the best quality. whereas UGLs want to make a good name for themselves so why f uck up a good thing by purposely selling fake sh!t.....they would be gone overnight

  6. HG is faked alot.
    trust the source, get feedback from trusted guys that can vouche for the gear.
    btw i like vials over amps so most of the time UGL is the way and the $ is nicer

  7. alright guys thanks, i have a reliable source so i believe all will be fine. gonna go with my original plan. thanks again


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