fatburner while taking a ph to cut?

  1. fatburner while taking a ph to cut?

    what are your suggestions

  2. watch ur blood pressure if there are stims in it, but other than that i see no harm. DCP is a great non-stim fatburner to run alongside designers

  3. DCP with Mitotropin looks like a sick stack!!!! Run it with a non methylated steroid just so you can run it longer and not get the catabolic effects from the mitotropin, but watch your BP

  4. i personally wouldn't recommend one because of BP issues.

  5. How about if it's not a fatburner, but more like a nutrient partioner like ALA, P-Slin and so?

    And would Sesame Oil fall under the stims category as well?

  6. What PH are you using? SesaThin is not a stimulant and will help to add to the nutrient repartitioning from the PH.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. I'm not using any at the moment, but am looking to run another cycle in the near future, as soon as I'm done with my cut period.

    Probably something mild in the likes of 3-AD or Epistane, and I've always used 4 - 6 Sesamin Oil caps a day along with my normal ALA, VS-10, Chromium Picolinate. And since they've been a great help to maintain my weight at levels I want I wondered if it was ok to keep running them as I start off again with PHs

  8. i did epistane and scorched. pretty good stack

  9. I used Arson a few months back. pretty good stuff, check it out on discountanabolics.com


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