Clen & Nolva PCT

  1. Clen & Nolva PCT

    Hey Guys,
    I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for. I want to incorporate clenbuterol into my PCT. When should I implement it in the cycle (what week) and what should I be looking at for dosages? I'm pretty certain I should start the Nolva two weeks after my last injection. But I'm wondering about the best dosaging scheme with it as well. My cycle ? 10 weeks Sust 500mg/week. Thanks.

  2. I like to use clen during PCT to keep fat off while keeping calories high.

  3. no more than 100 mcg , either way , if ure eating a lot , it wont do much most of the time since insulin levels will be elevated from the eating , u'll have some beta agonism while ure sleeping though ...and u can start along with the nolva ..2 weeks after last shot , but if ure going to use hcg , start nolva the day u shoot the hcg .

  4. Does an elevated insulin level work to negate the effects of clenbuterol on metabolism? I have previously read that elevated insulin levels cancel out the fat-metabolizing properties of yohimbine, but this is the first that I've heard of the same thing happening with clenbuterol.

  5. same thing in the case of clenbuterol as well , beta agonism will not happen in the presense of high insulin levels . and yes , so without the beta agonism , there's no metabolism increase .

  6. SO then how do I insure beta agonism? I already have a speedy's what made gaining lbs such a bitch.....but with a little help from the Sust I finally surpassed the 200 lb mark.

  7. Clen supresses T3 levels, which rise dramatically post cycle, so this would be good if for only supressing T3 levels.

  8. if u already have a speedy metabolism , then why use clen ?

  9. Originally posted by wikked1
    SO then how do I insure beta agonism?
    I'm also curious on how to ensure beta agonism.

  10. WHY use clen? Because I hear it has anti catabolic qualities and I want to take advantage of those as well as maybe burning a little bf guys DOSING?

  11. how to ensure beta agonism ? keep insulin levels low , simple as that , avoid high GI carbs .

  12. I'm using Clen and Nolva for PCT myself.
    I started clen at 40 mcg/day am increasing the dose in 20 mcg increments every 3/4 days until I can't tolerate the sides. I'm at 80 mcg/day now and tolerating it ok so far.

  13. Thanks Old Guy,raybravo as it no hi GI carb........pretty much avoid those anyway Thanks all you guys!


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