newbie please advise

  1. newbie please advise

    Hey, this is my first post. I currently train in boxing. I lift weights 4 days a week, 1 muscle per week. I'm looking to gain 12-18 pounds of lean mass, more importantly I want to gain more strength for punching power and at minimum retain same speed if not increase it drasticly. I have never taken steroids before, and do not intend to, however, I have heard about HGH and am buying some shortly inorder to accomplish my goals. I know a doctor who says its safe, and if I eat properly I will gain mass, and if I get blood work done its 100% safe. What dosing regime should I use?

  2. 2-4 ui daily for atleast 6 months, i would start at 2 and increase to 4. gh alone will not give dramatic muslce growth but it will help you in many aspects of boxing, including indurance, strength, speed, and recovery.

  3. will def lean you out...but your not gonna gain 18 lbs of muscle from taking growth...why do you have a problem with aas but you would use growth? and if you really are 6'1 and 154lbs i would bet that you could very easily make these gains naturally with out spending money on the growth.

  4. I'm guessing it is because you can get HGH Frag extremely easily and AAS sources not so much.

  5. 1.) If I or anyone else seems like we are being rude by saying "I think you have no clue what you are doing and you have alot of research to do before you go injecting", its just because myself and majority of members on here have your health, and your goals in mind, not because we think we are know it all's, but because we know from personal experience and tons of research.

    2.) First I will ignore the fact that your 6-1 and 154 pounds, you could easily gain weight with proper diet and training, and I will guess you do not correctly know how to do both. I think I speak for everyone on this board when I say if you don't know how to diet all the steroids in the world won't do you any good.

    3.) HgH for a first cycle is a dumb idea. There is know way you will gain 15 pounds on that stuff, maybye 5-7 with impeccable diet. I don't know why you think Hgh is so much safer than taking "steroids", I myself and I think many others on here would 100% agree that testosterone is by far the most safest with the least side effects. I bet you didn't know that doctors prescribe Testosterone more frequently than HgH? I myself and many others have taken 500mg of test a week, and all those "terrible side effects" you here about on TV never happened. I would say the most common side effect using 500-750 mg test a week is some back acne,water bloat and rock hard errections. Any of the following side effects (bitch tits, hairloss, hairgrowth, etc) ussually only happen when using doses
    in the plus 1000mg/week range, even then they can all be completely avoided by using anti-estrogens and finistride.

    4.) Nemipilm's dosing regimen is correct, use 2-4 iu daily for 6 months. If you think oh I will just use for 2-3 months, well you won't even notice you are really on anything till atleast 2 months of use. Also in terms of money HgH is way more expensive.
    The absolute cheapest you could find Somatropin on the BM is $1.75 per iu, if you find it cheaper it is most likely fake. Suppose you use 2 iu for first 2 months and then bump it up to 4 for the next 4 months, which btw is the only way you will have chance of accomplishing your goals, this would cost you 600x($1.75) = $1,050. And that is assuming you find it that cheap, $1.75-$2.75 is the standard, if you have to pay more to the upper end this could very well cost you over 2 grand. A simple Test cycle properly constructed which would give you way more drastic strength and muscle mass gains would cost you $350-$450 max, if you had a good source you could get it for $300max.



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