Killer M1T cramps

  1. Killer M1T cramps

    Ok, most people had mentioned back ache, head ache, and tight muscles that makes it hard to workout. I have all these but they were not a big deal. I went to play basketball last week and my feet were swollen to the point it was painful to run. This week I went to play ball hockey and my shins and glutes were swollen. I had shins of steel and had to come off every 1.5 minutes.

    What is best to combat this? I know potassium and taurine are some of the things people use beside lot of water and stretching.

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    Potassium at around 1 gram a day taken in three doses works great.


  3. Originally posted by Power Nutrition
    Potassium at around 1 gram a day taken in three doses works great.

    solid advice

  4. One banana two banana three banana four..... Heh, 3 banana's a day can make all the difference. Or just potassium pills like candy all day long.

  5. Taurine helped me a lot, I only got one or two cramps in the front of my neck from yawning of all things. Taurine is cheap and has a host of other benefits.

  6. I have heard reports that basically 3 actions will decrease and even eliminate the cramps:

    (1) Add an agent that aromatizes like 4-AD or test prop.
    (2) Add potassium. One banana, two bananas, five...
    (3) Decrease the dose.

    Hope this helps...


  7. I had the lower back pain until I started taking 600mg Potassium a day in 2 300mg doses.
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  8. When my Choline intake is high from fish oil or other Choline enhancing supplements I get incredible muscle rigidity bordering on cramping.
    I have found that besides muscle relaxers high dose Magnesium
    (1 gram +) is the only thing that can reduce the tension. I believe this could help. Be forwarned that you can get some pretty runny **** from this so take Immodium when consuming the megadose Magnesium.
    I will be running a M1T cycle starting next week so I will report if I get cramps and how well the Magneium does or does not deal with them.

  9. Taurine and water. Its the depletion of taurine which is the cause of the potassium deficiency.
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  10. I would go with Chemo's first suggestion, along with the taurine. Always have Test (or a precurosor in the case) in a cycle.

  11. where can you get high MG potassium??? Thanks...


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