Test E/ EQ batch

  1. Test E/ EQ batch

    Hey Bros

    I jsut made my first batches of home brew. The test E is very painful. I am walking around like an old man. The EQ on the other hand was painless.

    For the 2nd round of injects( I am frontloading) I mixed the two and the injects were much more confortable.

    Two questions

    1 Why is the Test E so painful-250mg/ml 5%ba cottomseed oil.

    2 Why am I thirsty as hell all of the time as well as being humgry every hour.

    Thanks for all the help

    Prop tren this fall


  2. 1) What is the ba on the eq, and did you use any other solvents for them?
    2) Welcome to gear

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. 1) you may be sensitive to the ba
    2) EQ tends to make you hungry all day. It helps with getting in all those wonderful calories.

  4. MB

    I used 15%bb in the EQ and will probably stick with 5/15 for the rest of my conversions.



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