price drop!

  1. price drop!

    Hey i just noticed some price drops at PN... wondering if these changes are permanent or just temporary like the t-1 special a few weeks ago?

  2. The T-1 is still 20bucks at the member store.

  3. what is this "member store" business? I signed up at a few days ago but i think the price was 39$... but i can't seem to log in at all now!!! anyone know what is going on?

  4. Scroll down to the power nutrition forum. you will find a link there.

  5. ok i think i got into the memberstore but the t-1 is still 28$. Am i doing something wrong? also did i read somewhere that members get free shipping?
    by members i am assuming it to mean members of - is this correct?
    sorry for asking such dumb questions... but i don't want to spend extra loot!!!
    thanks in advance

  6. correction.. i don't have the extra loot to spend!!

  7. Never complain about good deals guys!

    They don't last forever!
  8. Power Nutrition
    Power Nutrition's Avatar

    Actually the sale on the T-1's is over but $28 still ain't a bad price!!!

    Unfortunately we don't have free shipping, but the shipping is cheaper in our Member Store than on our Retail site.

    Power Nutrition

  9. alright thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't complaining about the prices or shipping, just wanted to make sure what sort of deals were going on. Thanks

  10. just keep an eye on the boards and the powernutrition folder, when theres a special/deal you will find out that way!


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