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    Whats up everyone, my friend yellowjacket just gave me an invite to come over. I like what i see, and hope i can help out when needed. I don't know too much about some of the things you guys talk about on here, so i look forward to learning.

  2. Damn that was fast

    Dont lie to our members already jcp.. (he knows more than he leads on)

    And he comes from a kick ass site, which is located in his signature, I know jweave is a member now and I suggest some of you others check it out also.....welcome over!

  3. Hey jcp, welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll like it, we have a no BS, very laid back board. I'll see you over at ana sci as well then

  4. welcome man glad to have some more people that yj knows. he seems to be bringing in some knowledgable people here. i hope to get know you better bro. thanks

  5. welcome bro..................... 





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