1. Question Fina/Prop

    Sorry if this is a stupid question or a redundant one for that matter but Im wanting to do Fina/Prop cycle and wanting to make it myself. I have read so much info that I am confused as to how much Fina/Syno I should buy which Kits I should buy for the two to get enough Fina for a 6 week cycle of 75mg ED and 100mg Prop ED. Thanks

  2. If you are running a 6 week cycle, I'd personally suggest running the fina weeks 1-4, and the prop 1-6. This will require 1 cart (2g) of fina, and 1/4 of box of synovex (25 doses). If you really want to run the fina for 6 weeks at that dose, you'll need a second cart. Or you can run it at 100mg eod for 6 weeks if you want to use 1 cart. I'd still reccomend running the fina for only 4 weeks.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. Thanks Manbeast, but I thought that the fina doesnt kick in till about week 3-4 so I wouldnt benefit from the fina would I, Thanks

  4. Bro, if this is your first fina cycle then i would suggest going 8 weeks with EOD dosing. This would give you enough time to really feel and benefit from fina. I personally think ED shots suck and would always choose EOD instead.

    week 1-8 Fina 75mg EOD
    week 1-8 Prop 100-150mg EOD

  5. lot of pinning for a first cycle..

  6. 1x a week with tren?, I wouldnt go past EOD with tren

  7. Originally posted by ironviking
    1x a week with tren?, I wouldnt go past EOD with tren
    He said to make tren *Enth* . Even with the Enth, I'd still say 2x a week is a better option.

    Tren kicks in much faster than the 4th week for most people. Its a staple in the very short cycling approach by some over at anabolicextreme(Blade and MT). Personally, I'd run it the 6 weeks, the way MB said. If you were going to go 8+ weeks with tren you'd probably want to have hcg around to PCT with.

  8. Thanks guys, This isnt my first cycle by the way. My first one was 500mg/Sust/week and 50mg/Winny/ED. So the everyday shots dont bother me. Just wanted to make sure I get the right equipment for the whole process.


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