breakdown of andro nitrate fuel from twinlab?

  1. breakdown of andro nitrate fuel from twinlab?

    Does anyone know the exact breakdown of the 3 ingredients of Andro nitrate fuel from Twinlab/ The bottle just says 100mg for all the ingredients. I was taking the recommended 1 a day dose. But then everyone said the stuff is super weak and I doubled it. Well now I decided to double that so I am taking 4 a day now. Is that too much? Only other supps I am taking are Alpha lipoic acid, NO2 and ZMA.

  2. I wouldn't bother with. I'd rather use a a quality protein at a cheaper price, and transdermal PH's. The dermals give you excellent results and cost a lot less, homebrewing your own dermals is the best way to go. Optimum's 10 lb. protein is an excellent deal, as well as protein customizer.

  3. I know you are right but I bought the stuff a while ago. It is not the one that is mixed with protein though. Just the PH's. It will all be gone soon anyway. Thanks

  4. Well I ordered my 3 bottles of M1T from Kilo last night. I dont plan to use it any time soon but at least I will have it.
    Uping the dose of 1AD-EC to 4 a day seems to give me headaches. And I feel a lot more tired. Actually I was never tired before and now I have no motivation. I dont know if it is the supps though.
    I was taking NO2 also which I am stopping since it is complete crap.
    I cycled off of creatine to take NO2 but I think I need to get back on it. I feel weaker since cycling off of it.
    The last 3 training days I felt really weak but actually my strength went up or I pushed myself to increase.
    I have been training for about 2 months now and my leg press started at 180 for 4 sets of 12 reps. Now I start with a warm up set at 180 for 12 reps. Then I keep adding two 45 lb plates every set until I end with 720lbs for 12 reps. That ends up being 7 sets. I am pretty happy with my progress and I feel that none of my increase is due to supps. My other body parts have gotten stronger as well especially chest. Bi's are my weakness right now.
    I am eating a ton of protein every day and trying to shovel in the calories but that is not working too well. I went from 217 to 229 in 3 weeks and now I am right at 225.
    I feel like I have a lot of potential for increase. I am happier now(going through a nasty divorce) and I feel like I cant stop growing. I am only using the 1AD-EC because I already bought it and might as well use it until it is gone. I still feel stupid for thinking I needed supps when I have only been lifting for like a month. I realize now my mistake and will just stick to pumping the iron for now. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

  5. Congrats on your progress so far. Put that Methyl 1-test in your cabinet and learn all you can about nutrition, training, and supplementation before hitting the PHs again. The tired feeling you are experiencing is lethargy which is common with 1-AD and 1-Test. For future reference stacking it with 4-AD will help combat the lethargy.

  6. thanks man. The M1T will be stored for future use. For now it will be protein and creatine and tons of food!


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