Has anyone got a clue what this is???

  1. Has anyone got a clue what this is???


    the ingredients from Pharma Labs Esto Suppress.
    Its meant to be an OTC serm similar to Nolva!

    edit: this was typed in as the discription of the product
    which is Tamoxifen!!

  2. Sounds like tamoxifen

  3. It's made by the same company that sells Tren Bomb. That must be one of the shadiest companies on the supplement market right now. The name doesn't seem to make sense, it could really be anything.

  4. I know the whole Tren bomb issue is very shady. The thing that annoys me most is that they probably would get away with putting the actaul compound name on the bottle as there arent as many restrictions on English supplement manufactures (compared to the US). It actually sucks cause there being one of a very few companis that are being innovative and bringing out new prohormones.
    Rant over....

  5. Well I don't know why anyone would use unresearched PH and DS in the UK anyway where the real thing is readily available and legal to use.

  6. What a totally sketchy sounding company. While they say that this stuff acts the same as nolva, they state only that the compound is "a very similar SERM" on a Q & A on their website.


    Esto Suppress by Pharma Labs: How does this compare to the likes of nolva etc <snip>

    Sorry Same were you talking about the prescription compound nolva as in tamoxifen citrate or the Gaspari Novedex XT? If the former this is a very similar SERM that is about equally effective to Tamoxifen, useful for blocking the action of estrogen in certain tissues, primarily from gyno etc but without shutting down sex drive which can happen to some users with ATD type anti estrogens. <snip>"


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