Vet Grade products

  1. Vet Grade products

    I was wondering would the quality of vet grade products be good enough for humans, because i have found that vet products are way cheaper. I mean things like Injectable b-12, creatine, and a few other products.

    Like some vet b-12 i can get 100ml bottle (1000mcg/ml) for around $6, where "human" quality is like 20-30 dollars for the same amount.

    Its the same with things like creatine for animals, its around 25 dollars for 4 or 5 pounds of the stuff.

  2. I wouldnt go with creatine, don't know about the b12 but creatine human grade has enough impurities to make me stay with the more expensive brands. Also, it is probably not as easy to digest either.

  3. Elijah 123 has a vet grade b complex injectable post going over at AU.


  4. Injectable vet grade b 12 is fine. It is clean maybe not as clean as human grade but still clean enough in most people's opinions mine included. Creatine on the other hand this I am not to sure about never seen it so I cant give any insight. But because creatine is a realitivly simple product I am going to go with it is ok but why not spend a bit more for a better product.


  5. whats the URL for AU?



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