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  1. Stack Question

    What would be good to stack with Methyl-1-Test ?Looking for a mass stack.

    Here our my options:
    Test Cypionate
    4-AD Decanoate
    4-Hydroxynandrolone Decanoate
    4-hydroxytestosterone Decanoate

  2. test cyp...

  3. Originally posted by Chemo

    test cyp...
    By all means, if you can get it.

  4. The thinking right now to stack 1-test(or m-1-t) with an aromatizing steroid like test or 4Ad to stay legal.

  5. 1-test cyp and test cyp is a great cycle IMO.
    You won't get quite the same results with 4-AD.

  6. thanksfor the advise


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