tren chemistry recrystalization

  1. tren chemistry recrystalization

    Im fairly new in converting finiplex to pure tren and have always used NOTACOWS re crystal-methyl alcohol method. I have done alot of research and have had good success but i still need to know a few things.

    1. Is it possible to recrystallize any of the methyl celluose from the pills on accident? I always slowly add my water over the course of at least 12 hours and my conversion rates are always high. The reason i ask is because the last time i converted i took all my glassware and filters, washed them in methyl alcohol and recrystallized the product. I was able to convert about 200 mg extra but the product is much darker than usual. Methyl celluose is non toxic and completely harmless if ingested, in fact it is used in hundreds of products that i consume, I DO NOT know however the effects of shooting it. i would imagine that it should be avoided as much as possible but ok in small amounts.

    2. dark tren is caused by oxidation, heating accelerates this but it appears when i have the liquid sealed under pressure the oxidation does not occur, is this true? no oxygen-no oxidation.

    3. Can anybody besides a weekend warrior wanna-be chemist explain to me how recrystallization works? Im assuming that the distilled water is more soluble in methyl alcohol than the tren and therefor pushes the tren out of the solution? i have no idea if that is right?

    Test question.....Im also about to try my first synovex conversion. After using NaOH and washing i was going to keep recrystallizing until my melting temps are high enough. my question is...will i still be able to use the heated sample in my final product or will the heat destroy the hormone? i would imagine that it will melt and then solidify, is that true? i would take the solid and crush with mortar and pestle to re-use?

    any info is greatly appreciated

  2. I don't think we are allowed to help with conversions anymore. But if you do a search, you should find most of what you are asking.

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