Experienced users of 1-test and M1T.. Which is better?

  1. Experienced users of 1-test and M1T.. Which is better?

    For those that used any other form of 1-test and then tried M1T.

    Which do you think worked best for you? Which would you prefer to have stocked up?


  2. I would defitely go with methyl 1-test. Its off the hook bro.

  3. I had great gains on a 4week cycle of T1, Id just do that again.

  4. Trans or inject 1-t over m1t. Honestly, I got very similar results with m1t and regular 1-t, so I'd rather be nice to my liver, not worry about additional side effects, and run a longer cycle.

  5. T1Pro gave me good results and virtually no sides at 3 squirts a day. It was a nice, smooth ride. It was a pain having to wear a shirt all the time, and I hate sleeping in one, but I actually missed the burning sensation and smell after it was over! Up 10lbs in 4 weeks.

    After week 4 of T1Pro, the M1T stashed patiently in my closet was driving me crazy. So I dropped my dose of T1Pro to 2 squirts/day, and started taking 10mg/day of M1T. By the third day with no sides, I went to 20mg/day. The pumps had kicked in, and my libido went through the roof. Strength was up, and my muscles were larger and tighter every morning. Gained 8lbs in the first 8 days, and nothing for the second week.

    --edit M1T sides that were not present with T1Pro included: noticable increase in BP - I could feel it, it went from 120/70 on T1Pro to 130/80 on both; mild headaches would come and go; sinus inflammation (nose felt stuffy, same thing happened on 1-AD); some joint 'dryness' and soreness - additional 4-AD helped out here a lot. That sounds like a lot, but it wasn't that bad, all were fairly mild.

    I'm starting week two of PCT now with nolva, clomid, and lots of calories. I'm shutdown pretty hard though - tired and depressed. I like the idea that the 2 week M1T cycles may not shut me down as hard. I'll probably try to stick to those.

  6. Withdraw huh? May be one should take some non ph during the PCT period to keep the motivation up. v2, v12, stuff like that. I know I get lazy without 'supplements'.

  7. Originally posted by bigbadboss101
    Withdraw huh? May be one should take some non ph during the PCT period to keep the motivation up. v2, v12, stuff like that. I know I get lazy without 'supplements'.
    Yeah, you're right about that - alcar and caffeine have helped tremendously. I was a whiny little bitch, now I'm just a moody little bitch!

  8. I had good results with T-1 Pro with zero side effects ; none at all.

    I tried Mt1 and could deal with how bad it made me feel ; 24/7 headache, dead tired, foggy all the time and felt like I was coming down with the flu. The lower back pain almost crippled me. This was with 10mgs the first week and 20 the next. This one is not for me.

    I'm back with the T-1 pro and V-12 and feeling great again. I went from 182 to 192 on T-1 Pro without a caloric increase this summer. This isn't much to some of you but I was very happy with it.

  9. I have stocked up on both. The m1t is better for gains, but I can't take it all the time. I want to be good to my liver, so I'll run 1-test/4ad transdermals at different times.

  10. Injecting 1-T Cyp for me produced better results than M 1-T, but I only ran it for 2 weeks, so I guess its hard to compare results. But you will get more bang for your buck pricewise with 1-T Cyp.

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  12. yep, about GD time

  13. I've had way better results with 1-test transdermal than M-1t. That's just me though.
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