New Cycle any suggestions?

  1. New Cycle any suggestions?

    I just started my cycle of H-drol.
    Already spent 14 days on Hawthorn Berries+Milk Thistle

    Running a 50/50/75/75/75 and possibly a 6th week depending how i feel.(100?)

    Would going 50/75/75/75/75 be a better option?

    Also running with Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    PCT: Anabolic innovation post cycle support

    What else should i take to retain my gains??


    Age :22
    Height: 6'0
    Weight :185

    Experience : 4 years lifting/ 10 year athlete


    100% whole wheat bread
    Tuna w/out mayo
    Turkey and Ham
    Single slices of cheese
    2 Protein shakes a day+ 2% milk(mixing with cycle support)
    Chicken Breast
    Peanut Butter before bed
    aprox a gallon of water intake a day


    Day 1
    4X 10 DB Incline
    4X10 DB Incline Butterflies
    Abs- W/ Weights
    4X10 Bench w/ DB
    4X10 DB Over-head
    4X10 Butterflies
    3X5 DB Bench Max Weight

    15-20 minute run

    Day 2
    4X10 DB Military Press
    4X10 Shrugs
    4X10 Lat Pull Down
    Abs w/out Weights
    4X10 Rows
    4X10 Dead lift
    4X10 Upright Row
    4X10 One Arm DB Raises- To the side

    15-20 minute run

    Day 3
    4X 10 Curls w/ short bar
    4X10 Triceps pull down with rope//Triangle
    4X10 Forearm curl w/ DB
    4X10 DB Curls/ low gripped
    Abs w/ Weights
    4X10 Lawnmowers
    4X10 Forearm curl w/ DB
    4X10 Triceps Uno-DB
    DB curl Ladder start with 25s

    15-20 minute run

    Day 4
    4X10 Leg Curls
    4X10 Leg extension
    4 X10 Leg Press
    Abs w/out Weights
    4X20 yard Lung w/ weight
    4X10 Step up w/ Weight

    After day 4 Back to Day 1 with increase in weight and change in reps

    3rd Day of cycle, today was the first day of noticing nice Pumps during workout

    Any suggestions or criticism would be nice

  2. id bump to 75mg as soon as u can. run that for the duration, after 2-3 weeks if ur not getting good results then bump to 100mg

  3. I would probally also boost to 75mg week2 but let your body tell you if you should go to 6 weeks. Good luck bro. I would also use a cortisol product with the Post Cycle Support on pct start the cortisol product on day 15 of pct.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

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